There's nothing like a taking a time out from a busy day to curl up around a good novel. The genre is not important, as long as you can get lost in the story. <br /><br /> Tell us about some great novels you've read, and what you enjoyed most about it. Leave a Comment, send me a tweet at @SeanBroadchest, or share it on my Facebook Page at the link below.

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Short Stories

You love to read, but just can't find time to feast on that great novel sitting on your table. A short story is like a literary snack. It can knock your emotional socks off. <br /><br /> Do you have a short story to tell us about? Or, better yet, do you have one to share? If you do, Leave a Comment, tweet me at @SeanBroadchest, or lay it out on my Facebook Page at the link below.

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Many of us write down verse at some time--just a few rhyming lines, or an epic poem! Whether it's a life event, or a muse that stimulates your creativity, a poem can have a tremendous impact on the reader. <br /><br /> Do you have a poem that has greatly affected you? Have you written something you'd like to share with us? Leave a Comment, give me a tweet at @SeanBroadchest, or lay it out on my Facebook Page at the link below.

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Something Lurking

Cheesy Summer Romance

It was a hot, muggy, summer day. As the sun beat down relentlessly, I took refuge in the shade of the big oak tree in the meadow, just south of Marsh Landing, where I lived. In town, it was just plain unbearable! Out in the open meadow, I could at least get the benefit of […]

First Case Cover

First Case : A Carver Co. Mystery

First Case is the second episode of the Carver Co. Mystery series. As I mentioned in my post Change of Heart, this series came about because the characters of my first two novels made it clear they wanted me to continue to write about them.

Change of Heart Cover

Change of Heart : A Carver Co. Mystery

As the title implies, I have created a new series titled Carver Co. Mysteries. You might wonder what possessed me to create a series. The answer is simple: the characters!


Editorial on Abuse

Writers have to speak out about the world around them sometimes. This is my shout-out against abuse.

Pushed Hard and Made It!

As you can see from the NaNoWriMo Winner’s Badge, I met the challenge–writing 52,000 words in November! After a false start with the first novel I set out to write in November, the characters of the second novel were glad to share their story with me. Given that I always take a day of rest […]

One More Week!

Well, there are only 7 days left in the NaNoWriMo challenge. I still have a lot of work to do. I finished 38,000 words of my novel, so far, and have another 12,000 to go before midnight on the 30th. If I can keep up my current pace, and my characters are cooperating, I might […]

A Soldier Too Young

I see you standing there, trying to stay on your feet as the landing craft pitches in the shallow water near the shore of Juno beach. Who comes up with those names anyway? You’re so young, too young to be here. Your face is getting whiter by the minute. Is it from being sea sick, […]

Just Who Is The Writer Anyway?

Okay, I started writing The Man in the Black Suit for NaNoWriMo. I even finished the first chapter, and it looked promising. Then the characters decided not to talk to me anymore. So, I spent a whole day trying to figure out why. This morning, it became clear–the characters from another story were drowning them […]

NaNoWriMo 2017 Is Here!

NaNoWriMo 2017 begins today! It’s 50,000 words or bust by the end of the month! So I’m going full steam ahead with my new teen mystery novel, tentatively titled: The Man in the Black Suit. Here are the first two paragraphs–just to whet your appetite…

Cemetery at Silba

In keeping with Halloween, which is just around the corner, here is a nice little horror story. You have to decide what happened in the end…