About Sean Broadchest

Sean Broadchest

Sean Broadchest has lived what some might call a strange and varied life. He has had the opportunity to observe and interact with many cultures, having lived in several places across Canada and in Germany, and through his travels in the United States, Mexico, Ireland, Western Europe, and Southern Africa. In the process, he has lost his heart, more than once.

Sean has been writing for several years, mostly since he has retired from the workaday world. His main genre is mystery, with a good healthy dash of romance. He cut his teeth on the likes of Agatha Christie, John LeCarre, and many others. His storylines move quickly, and could be dark, if it wasn’t for the addition of some comic relief along the way. His forte is the surprises, awaiting both the readers and characters, in the last chapter–but no fair peeking! Sean also writes the odd poem and pens the occasional short story.