Change of Heart : A Carver Co. Mystery

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Change of Heart Cover

As the title implies, I have created a new series titled Carver Co. Mysteries. You might wonder what possessed me to create a series. The answer is simple: the characters!

After I wrote Search for the Emerald Tablet, I found myself writing a sequel titled Disappearance of the Emerald Tablet. Now, I didn’t start out to write a sequel. In an earlier post, I mentioned that the characters from Search wouldn’t leave me alone–insisting that I write about them again. That’s where Disappearance was born. I haven’t written anything here about Disappearance, because those same characters made it abundantly obvious at the end of the novel that their stories weren’t finished yet! They even provided a lead-in to yet another novel! The characters are so excited, they already have me working on the third episode in the series!

Because I decided to write a mystery series about my cast of characters from the Emerald Tablet novels, I decided to roll these first two novels into the series as the introduction to the Carver Co. Search is a very romantic story and would probably be classified as a romance novel. So, I did a complete end-to-end edit on Search to remove most of the mushy stuff (some 15,000 words, in fact), but leaving in the romantic components necessary to the story, to turn it into more of a mystery novel. Of course, I added in some new bits, and shifted a few thing around. After a couple more edits, I ended up with Change of Heart : A Carver Co. Mystery. I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out! If you’re big into romance, then Search is for you. If you prefer less mushy stuff and stick to mystery, then Change of Heart is for you.

The book is available in paperback and Kindle format at and You’ll find the links below the back cover blurb below:

A priceless artifact is unearthed. Before long, it becomes the focus of three formidable groups: the finders, the seekers, and the collectors.

Dr. Ambrose Scott accidentally unearths the priceless artifact from a pit in a dig site in Jordan. He must quickly go to ground when he hides it again, along with clues to its whereabouts.
As she she reviews Dr. Scotts diaries, Jenna Carpenter discovers a cryptic note in a strange language. With the approval of her crooked boss, she’s allowed to run off to find the artifact on her own. Days later, she’s swept into the arms of a retired real estate millionaire, as she staggers, drugged and bleeding, down a dirt road. Together, they chase Scott’s clues while trying to avoid their detractors.

Billionaire Randolph Carver covets this prize. He’ll do anything, pay any price, to obtain it. He commands armies of trackers, watchers, and corrupt officials around the world. No one will deny him his prize—no one! He’s a man used to getting his way—even if it means death!

The chase is on!

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