Cheesy Summer Romance

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Something Lurking

It was a hot, muggy, summer day. As the sun beat down relentlessly, I took refuge in the shade of the big oak tree in the meadow, just south of Marsh Landing, where I lived. In town, it was just plain unbearable! Out in the open meadow, I could at least get the benefit of the pathetic little breeze that whispered by from time-to-time.

I was hoping Nancy would show up. Thoughts of her filled my mind—and oh, what thoughts they were! thoughts I should never have! If anyone knew what was going through my mind, I’d be in big trouble! Then again, we were old enough, although some might think we were rather immature. I took a deep breath, but didn’t seem to get much air. The heat was stifling!

I opened my eyes to see Nancy wandering across the field. She was a delight to the eyes, I’ll tell you that. As she came closer, she waved her big straw hat, to let me know she was on her way. She was laughing and breathless as she arrived.

She fell into me, throwing her arms around my neck. I reached around her, feeling the sweat pouring down her back. I loved the sun dress she was wearing, with its halter clasped around her long sensuous neck, and the back open down to her waist. No bra here, my dear! She kissed my neck, and nibbled my right ear, before moving her sweet, tender lips to mine. I’m sure my heart stopped—for a few beats anyway. With my eyes closed, my lips pressed hard against hers.

She finally pulled away, rolled off of me, and onto the grass, with her arms spread wide. She took a deep breath, then let out a sexy little squeak.

“Damn it’s hot!” she said.

“You can say that again!”

“Your shirt is soaked! Take it off,” she suggested in a sultry voice.

“Yes ma’am!”

It didn’t take long. I don’t know who undid the most buttons, but that shirt was lying in the grass far away.

“You look absolutely delish,” I offered.

“I wore this dress especially for you, Carl. I know how much you like it. And I know how much you like to take it off.”

I growled, trying to show I was some kind of wild animal, but probably sounded more like an angry kitten. Nancy laughed at me, and raked her fingers down my chest. There was no doubt in my mind who the wild one was!

“There has to be something we can do to cool off!”

I could think of a few things, but they would only end up making us a lot hotter!

“I wish we had a public pool like they have in Akerman. We could go there, but it’s a long way,” I suggested.

“I’m sure we’d melt on the way out,” she said, with a sigh. “Wait a minute! I know where there’s a pool!”
“Where?” I asked.

“The old Brewster place.”

“There’s no pool at the old Brewster place.”

“There’s a big lake behind the mansion, silly!”

“Yeah, you’re right! It’s a pretty big lake too—or so they say.”

“The place has been abandoned for years. We could really cool off.”

She gave me a tantalizing look. A broad, cheeky smile grew across her face. Her eyebrows lifted, and her eyes opened wide.

“Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?” I asked.

“You can enjoy taking this dress off me again. We can have a nice cool dip in the lake whenever we get too ‘hot’.”

The thought rolled around in my mind. It took all I had to control myself. I smiled back, got up, and pulled Nancy up with me. We grabbed my shirt as we ran across the field in the direction of the old Brewster place.

It took us only 20 minutes to get there—out of breath and sweaty! At the fence, we took a look around to see if anyone noticed us. There wasn’t a soul around—all indoors at someone’s place who had air conditioning, I’m sure. We climbed over the wooden fence where we found ourselves facing some thick undergrowth.

“Maybe we should look for a path,” I suggested.

“Oh, come on! Are you a man or a mouse?” was her cheeky reply.

Actually, we were pretty lucky. There wasn’t that much undergrowth to get through. Before long, we found ourselves walking through long grass. We could see the old mansion on our right. We’d never been here before, but we heard the lake was somewhere at the back of the building. It was further than we thought, but we finally found the lake.

“Wow! What a beautiful place,” Nancy said. “I’m glad we came.”

I wasn’t so much interested in the beauty of the lake, as I was the beauty of Nancy’s body. I moved up behind her, pushed her hair to one side, and kissed her neck. She reached around, caressing my head with her left hand. I slid the zipper down on her dress. She undid the clasp on the halter. When her dress fell to the ground I gasped, as I always did, at her gorgeous body. She turned slowly, looked wide into my eyes, and pressed her lips against mine. It wasn’t long before my clothes were laying on the grass too. And so were we.

It was cooler here, and it was wonderful being with the love of my life. When we finished making love, we lay on our backs, holding hands, looking up at the birds in the sky. If only we could lay here together forever! I felt as though we were alone in our own little world. Maybe we could clean up a room or two in the old mansion, we could use as a secret rendezvous of love. I suppose there’s nothing wrong in dreaming, and dreaming of my Nancy was the best dream of all.

“I’m ready for a nice dip in the lake,” Nancy told me.

“Last one in is a rotten egg!” I shouted.

We jumped up, laughing as we ran into the ice cold water. We both screamed, and Screamed, and SCREAMED!

The last thing I saw was my beautiful Nancy being torn apart by a monster fish. It only took a few seconds before the searing pain from the jaws of another monster fish caused me to pass out.

Now, I sit here in a wheelchair, missing both my legs, but most of all—my Nancy. Oh, how I wish I had been eaten whole that day!

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