First Case : A Carver Co. Mystery

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First Case Cover

First Case is the second episode of the Carver Co. Mystery series. As I mentioned in my post Change of Heart, this series came about because the characters of my first two novels made it clear they wanted me to continue to write about them.

First Case is a reworking of the original Disappearance of the Emerald Tablet to remove some of the more romantic bits to replace them with more mystery bits. The novel, however is about the same size, since I added as much as I took away. The resultant story is tighter, better (in my opinion, anyway), and I fixed a few typos from the original.

The new novel is hot off the press, and is available in paperback and Kindle format at and You’ll find the links below the back cover blurb below:

Carver and his entourage are preparing for the gala unveiling of the Emerald Tablet he and the others recovered from the sands of the Egyptian wilderness. At this point, they are a loose group of friends—some are agents while others are simply newlywed couples.

To him is given the honour of unveiling the priceless artifact. The cloth slides smoothly from the impregnable display case revealing—NOTHING! As he trembles in rage, his companions are slack-jawed as they look at the empty case. The guests and the media are clamouring for answers!

Within minutes, the Toronto Police Service SWAT team arrives creating chaos to add the pandemonium! Inspector Swift takes charge of the crime scene. By the end of the evening, Swift is surprised to find that Carver has taken firm control of a joint investigation.

Carver’s operatives are adamant they will resolve this case, and find the Emerald Tablet! But all they have to show for their efforts are strange fingerprints on the ceiling, walls, and display case. The suspect list is very short. They have no idea what, or whom, they are up against!

The game is afoot! And make no mistake about it—it is a game—a game that will cement relationships for life.

The Carver Company is born!

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