NaNoWriMo 2017 Is Here!

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NaNoWriMo 2017 begins today! It’s 50,000 words or bust by the end of the month! So I’m going full steam ahead with my new teen mystery novel, tentatively titled: The Man in the Black Suit. Here are the first two paragraphs–just to whet your appetite…

Giusepe Spinoli gently pulled back the black-out curtain in the upstairs bedroom facing onto the street. From his vantage point in the bow window, he could see well down the street in both directions. He cast a careful eye for anything out-of-place—loitering persons who shouldn’t be there; suspicious vehicles; unexpected groups; open windows showing any signs of life, or glint of metal or glass. With no light on in the room, he knew the chances of being noticed were very slim—between the reflection on the outside of the window glass and the sheer curtain between the glass and the black-out curtain, no one could see into the room.

Spinoli had carefully chosen his home, some 20 years ago. It was strategically positioned in the fully developed area of Dorchester Heights in Gardner City, eliminating the possibility of unexpected new development around him. 121 Dorchester St. was a small two-storey house near the intersection of Summerview Blvd—a mostly commercial road. His house faced the blank wall of an older, large hotel and nightclub, Somerset House; the wall was pierced by only three small windows at the landings of the staircase. To the north, was the back wall of a store; to the south was #125; and at the rear was the back lane with a parking area on the other side.

Only 49,777 words to go!

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